The eMXM offers very good motor control and it helps you at the start with its holeshot assistant. For better control, especially in left turns, you control the rear brake with your left hand. Switch through different mappings on the fly - different bikes in one bike.
Every one is different, so why are the bikes all the same? We have adjustable foot pegs, allowing individual seat positions and weight distribution.
Rear-wheel speed sensor and electronics contínually check wheel-spin. If it is too high the electronics will help to increase grip. Adjustable for different track conditions.

Not only laptimes are important. With the help of the data-logging you are able to improve your riding style and the performance of the bike. After a race or training, everything can be analysed and compared to older data from the track.
Why a monocoque? It`s light, it`s stiff, everything is covered - and what`s more - it`s easy to clean.
We have used the lightest and strongest materials to achieve a dry weight of (without batteries) 88kg. As batteries are being constantly further improved the eMXM will become lighter and lighter in future.

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